Our Company Introduction

Thanks to hundreds of customers? trust and confidence to our quality in over 32 countries Worldwide


Do you need special design gas springs and end fittings with economic solutions for your special applications? Do you have problems with special products; Blocking Gas Springs in Rigid and Stainless Steel applications either gas springs or end fittings? New projects? New Moulds? New Ideas? All samples and prototypes are fully without cost.

Export allover the world

Tornado Gas Springs Company is developing and producing all kinds of gas springs and components fast and with reasonable price. Well-known companies worldwide rely on our experience. We have increased our products range for giving a better service with 2006 and last year we have serviced over 100 different companies in 32 different Countries including USA, Canada, Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Denmark, Finland, UK, Ireland?) Pakistan, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Egypt etc? at present.

Prices would be forgotten but quality will never?
Tornado Gas Springs concentrate the attention exclusively highest quality and is doing all to customers? full pleasure. Our products are being manufactured under the Certificate of ISO 9001 and we offer a very good quality with reasonable prices and we are always ready to help you for your new application. Our Engineers will help you while you design a new one and you will be able to prepare your own technical drawings through our website www.tornadoexport.com (Click Login and write to the E-mail Section: demo@demo.com and write to the password section: demo1234. Send e-mail for a special password for your personal use and in that case all information would be viewed just by you)
Time is money?

Do you need your products being manufactured in less time than at present? The big gas spring manufacturers? production time for each shipment is at least in 3-4 months and sometimes it would takes 5-6 months. In that case companies need to stock more without knowing if they would sell with the same level in the future or not. Or they have to buy more expensive from the wholesalers who could supply a similar. Tornado gas springs manufacture the gas springs and end fittings in a month at most.

Experience is the best teacher?
We have more than 25 years of experience over gas springs and end fittings. In time, we had our customers coming to us with all types of problems and we have solved these with our experience over the years. Well-known companies worldwide rely on our experience.
Advertisement is the Locomotive of the business

We can print your logo and your reference codes on the surface of the gas springs and prepare special packages containing your logo and other details. Our goods are of 2 years guaranteed after the date on the surface. Special orders and trial orders are acceptable.

Eyes trust themselves, Ears trust others?

You are always welcome to visit our facilities and we are always ready to send samples for you to check our quality. For the samples our lead time is 15 days after receiving the confirmation of the technical drawings and at most for week for orders. We prepared our catalogues with famous manufacturers and suppliers references. A sample or a technical drawing is sufficient for us to send our sample to test the quality. It is better to trust the eyes rather than the ears.

We are looking forward to help you in finding solutions to your requirements. We hope to have your positive reply and we are looking forward to have your inquiries. Just call us or leave a message via fax or e-mail for us to call you for further information.