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Our Gas Springs and Blockable Gas Springs are being tested in our quality control department and with the test results we have we give a guarantee of 3 years.
The details about the tests wich has been applied on our products and the results of them will be shown on this webside very soon.


Quality is the most important for Tornado. Our aim is zero defect manufacturing. Our Products are of with 2 years guaranty for producing defaults. The gas spring must be used according to the using instruction. For example it has to be mounted downwards the piston rod, the piston rod mustn?t be painted or damaged etc?. We are trying to increase the guaranty time up to three years and at the same time we certificate our quality system with T▄V ISO 9000 ? 2000 and we are supporting and controlling our quality with the testing results.

We are sure of our quality and we know the Turkish business had a bad reputation in abroad owever; it becomes reliable every other day. So, we are trying our best to show our customers that we are reliable and we are taking higher risks to prove this.

We make sure that the customer is satisfied by sending samples of the shipment before we actually ship the goods so, if there is anything wrong, we will see while the goods are in Turkey and that will save the customer time and expenses.

Our products are being tested one by one before they get out of the factory by the quality control department and we are also picking a few samples out of ordinary shipments are taken and being tested by many tests such as life test and salt test and many more.

All product types are subjected to continuous product testing on special test stands. At the same time, the production technologies and machines which we are using are developed and produced by our technical department to ensure a better quality standard than worldwide and we see that as our mission.

We are looking forward to hear any inquiries to improve our quality.

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